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Ribn´ca trail running and walking event this year with a charitable touch

The first Saturday in September in Ribnica was traditionally colored by sports. The paths of Mala gora above Ribnica have come to life again. Nature running enthusiasts embarked on three different challenges, which took place over three distances of varying difficulty.

Anthem Ribn´ca trail

»Res lahka je Kuhavn´ca, mal težja pa Čebular´ca, a Ribež´n je prek vsej mej«…je tekačem v zgodnjem jutru narekovala tempo Ribn´ca trail himna.

As many as 250 runners started. The youngest participant was only 9 years old and the oldest 69 years old. Running proved once again that age is no barrier. All the runners reached the finish line within the estimated time limit.

»Al mi sploh ne tekmujemo,se za pokal ne brigamo,za nas največja sreča je,če to pot zmoremo«…..echoed the voice of our singer-songwriter Ž. Bižala.

Among the competitors, Uroš Avgustinčič achieved the best result at the Ruk´n Ančko challenge of 00:39:22, thus improving last year’s result of local Tadej Osvald by almost two minutes. In the men’s category, the shortest distance (12 km) was celebrated by Primož Piškur, who covered the distance in a mere 57 minutes, while Mateja Ožanič was the fastest among women.
The more difficult Čebular’co (25km) was the fastest in the women’s competition by Andreja Godec, with a time of 02:37:18. Tadej Osvald, the winner in the men’s competition, crossed the finish line with a time of 01:50:49.

Alenka Pavc completed the longest test – 40 km – with a time of 04:48:28 and thereby won the women’s competition. In the men’s competition, Aleš Debeljak again won, who improved last year’s time even more and overcame the most difficult distance in a mere 3 hours 26 minutes and 50 seconds. He was followed by the proud individual Marjan Zupančič,
legend of Slovenian ultra trail running and Aleš Žontar, K24 national champion. All covered the distance in under 4 hours.



Support for small fighters and big heroes

This year, the organizers of the event decided to donate part of the funds to organizations that contribute to the strengthening of those who cannot do it themselves. Premature babies are certainly among the most vulnerable, which is why the donation was made to the Society for Helping Premature Babies. For the little fighters, the Ribn´ca trail promoter ran,
a proud Valerie Wolf Gang individual.

Dolenji Lazi volunteer fire brigade received a donation for the purchase of fire fighting equipment. Thank you, great heroes, for your selfless help!


Safety comes first.

This year, the event was also held with the aim of ensuring the safety of all participants. Runners were sorted into starting corridors, they had to meet the PCT condition to enter. Taking into account all safety measures, Saturday morning was brimming with positive energy and sportsmanship.