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This year, the corona crisis had a strong impact on the implementation of sports events both in Slovenia and around the world.

Aware of the responsibility and in accordance with the recommendations of the profession and taking into account the measures currently in force in Slovenia,
nevertheless, members of the Club of Proud Individuals and many hardworking volunteers managed to hold a traditional event on the first Saturday of September – Ribn´ca trail.

We were happy that NIJZ also gave us a positive opinion, and despite some concerns, we held this year’s event – differently, but still excellent!
Known and unknown trails of Mala Gora came to life again a day or two before the event. Hard-working volunteers marked all three courses with trail flags, and direction boards at the junctions and junctions were in place and directed the competitors in the right direction.

Many competitors came already on Friday. They took advantage of the day,
some spent the whole weekend getting to know Ribnica, its attractions and, above all, meeting the hospitable locals.

At the event itself, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, we took care to ensure mutual distance, we provided disinfectants, and the number of participants was limited.
We controlled both the entrance to the event space and movement at the event itself. The directional strips, separate places where the competitors could wait for the start, were spacious enough to ensure that the distance between them was guaranteed. Only healthy competitors were allowed to enter.

On Saturday, the start scene came alive early in the morning. It was still dark and the morning mist lay over the valley when the competitors began to gather in the parking lot in front of the Rokodelski Center. Despite the early hour, the competitors followed the prescribed health measures, which were also reminded by the warning boards with notifications about the measures.
which have already become a normal fixture.

The start itself took place in the sense of a time trial, which is otherwise known from cycling competitions. We have found that even running competitions can take into account such a start method. Three competitors crossed the starting line at once, followed five seconds later by the other three…

Equipped with masks, the competitors respected the recommendations of the profession, as well as the organizer, so the start went smoothly.

We followed an interesting race, especially in the women’s 12 km competition, as one of the competitors was the mountain runner Ana Čufer, who holds the women’s record for climbing to and from Triglav.
She also set the women’s course record in Ribnica, as she only needed a good hour to reach the highest point of Sv. Ana and back, which is only 3 minutes worse than the men’s competition, where Primož Piškur won with a jump of 6 minutes.

ČEBULAR’CA with its 25 km also hosted the runner from Italy, Nicol Guidolin. The mountain running champion in neighboring Italy completed the 25 km distance in an enviable time of two hours.

Tadej Osvald, a member of ŠTD Lončar, won the men’s competition in the middle distance, as expected. He received the prize for the best at Sv.Anna and won the first place in the men’s competition at 25 km absolute.

Aleš Debeljak, otherwise a member of AD Olimpik, also took part in the Ribn´ca trail.
who has been achieving enviable results at marathon distances in recent years. With his time, he proved that he is no stranger to trails either, as he crossed the finish line half an hour before the second place finisher.

Pictures of the award

The Ribn´ca trail is also included in the international trail organization ITRA, the longest trail RIBEŽ´N 40 km is qualified as a UTMB trail with 2 ITRA points.

Ribn'ca trail 2020

DATE of the event: saturday, 05.09.2020

Track name: KUHAVN’CA
Start: 8.30 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: Sports center Ribnica
Number of competitors: 74
Track length: 12.65 km

Record – Men:
Primož Piškur 1:00:54

Record – Women:
Ana Čufer 01:03:37

Track name: ČEBULAR’CA
Start: 8.15 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: Sports center Ribnica
Number of competitors: 78
Track length: 25.37 km

Record – Men:
Tadej Osvald – 01:52:38

Record – Women:
Nicol Guidolin – 02:02:03

Track name: RIBEŽ’N
Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: Sports center Ribnica
Number of competitors: 44
Track length: 39.71 km

Record – Men:
Aleš Debeljak – 03:27:51

Record – Women:
Maša Jamnik – 04:34:37

Ribn´ca trail 2020 event – 5/9/2020 – loyal partners who trust us:

The members of the Club of Proud Individuals would like to thank the owners of the Rokodelski Center and the Ribnica Castle for their friendly hospitality, all sponsors and supporters for their support in the implementation of the project, and the competitors and volunteers for their participation and taking into account all the necessary measures in accordance with the recommendations of the NIJZ.