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On Saturday, August 31, 2019, the Ribn´ca trail took place for the first time. 140 competitors took part in the race.
On the last Saturday in August, runners gathered early in the morning. The start of the Ribn´ca trail was in the castle park, which was an excellent starting point for the atmosphere at the start. You could feel the positive energy and restless anticipation of a new experience,
which escalated all the way to the starting shot, when the competitors entered the unknown through the castle gates with a light thud.
The first kilometer was run in a group through the center of Ribnica to the village of Hrovača, from where the runners continued at their own pace.

Kuhavn´ca, Čebular´ca, Ribež´n – no, it’s not a Ribniške suhe robe listing, nor a cooking competition! The course of the Ribnica trail was divided into three difficulty levels: Kuhavn’ca measured 12 km, followed by Čebular’ca with a respectable 25-kilometer distance and, of course, Ribež’n, on which the competitors had to overcome a distance of 40 kilometers and also 1 .
600 meters in height. The descent into the neighboring valley of Struga and then the ascent back to the ridge – across Sten Sv. Ana, where the knees were literally biting, was, according to most runners, a real challenge.

Towards the ridge, where the path becomes upright, Ribnica cavers secured the steep part of the ascent with ropes. The safety of the competitors comes first!
The runners had no problems finding their way, as they were guided by the yellow flags, which, illuminated by the sun, were a bit wobbly in places and “hiding” from the eyes. But there were no major problems.
The well-organized team of volunteers at the checkpoints and also at the event venue did an excellent job.
The entire trail was led along the paths of Mala gora, towards Sv. Ana and on until Grmada.
Competitors of all tracks first set off towards the highest point of the trail, where the intermediate time measurement and the competition for the cup of the fastest on Sv.Ana took place. The pace of the runners was extraordinary, as the first to conquer Sv.
Ano in just 44 minutes and finished the Kuhavn’ca match in just over an hour.
After just under two and a half hours, the first runners from Čebular’ca reached the finish line, followed two hours later by the first runners from Ribež’n – the longest and most demanding route. The best time stopped at 4 hours and 28 minutes, which is an exceptional result for a fairly demanding course.

Ribn´ca trail – a seemingly easy trail along the slopes of Mala gora, but in reality more demanding than you expect. The trails of Mala Gora are laid out in such a way that everyone can find something for themselves. Immersed in the silence of the forest, you only hear your steps, the rustling of leaves and see the path that winds in front of you. Sometimes a little hidden – more caution is needed, but again wide,
macadam path, where the step runs faster, more easily.
At the top, there are beautiful views of the Ribnica valley, hidden between the two mountains. In the distance, the view reaches to Snežnik and further to the Nanoška plateau. From the ridge towards Stena, the view caresses the distant mountains of Gorenje and on the other side the hilly Gorjanca.
The Ribn´ca trail will take place every year on the Saturday before the traditional Ribnica fair.

Ribn'ca trail 2019

DATE of the event: saturday, 31.08.2019

Track name: KUHAVN’CA
Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: Sports center Ribnica
Number of competitors: 62
Track length: 12.65 km

Record – Men:
Andraž Medvešek 1:07:03

Record – Women:
Petra Grandovec 1:30:51

Track name: ČEBULAR’CA
Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: Sports center Ribnica
Number of competitors: 61
Track length: 25.37 km

Record – Men:
Tomaž Bojc 2:22:07
Matjaž Arko 2:22:07
Tadej Osvald 2:22:07

Record – Women:
Maja Zaplotnik – 2:48:52

Track name: RIBEŽ’N
Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: Sports center Ribnica
Number of competitors: 24
Track length: 39.71 km

Record – Men:
Tomaž Zamedič 4:28:37
Sandi Bayer 4:28:37

Record – Women:
Urša Trobec 4:36:50