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NASLOV:    Gorenjska cesta 21, 1310 RIBNICA

Ribn'ca trail 2021

DATE of the event:  saturday 04.09.2021

Track name: KUHAVN’CA

Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: ŠC Ribnica
Number of competitors: max. 200
Time limit: 4 hours
Track length: 12.65 km
A common ascent: 451 m
A common descent: 453 m
The highest point: 942 m
Snack bar: 1

Track name: ČEBULAR’CA

Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: ŠC Ribnica
Number of competitors: max. 200
Time limit: 6 hours
Track length: 25.37 km
A common ascent: 821 m
A common descent: 824 m
The highest point: 963 m
Snack bar: 3

Track name: RIBEŽ’N

Start: 8.00 (Ribnica castle)
Finish: ŠC Ribnica
Number of competitors: max. 200
Time limit: 8 hours
Track length: 39.71 km
A common ascent: 1597 m
A common descent: 1597 m
The highest point: 961 m
Snack bar: 4

The start of all three courses is at 8:00 a.m. in Ribnica castle, and in the first kilometer through the center of Ribnica, the group runs to the village of Hrovača, from where the competitors continue at their own pace.

Each competitor receives a commemorative award for successfully completing the course.

Distance from 01.02.2021 to 31.03.2021 from 01.04.2021 to 30.06.2021 from 01.07.2021 to 15.08.2021 from 16.08.2021 to 05.09.2021
KUHAVN'CA 12 km 25 eur 30 eur 35 eur 35 eur
ČEBULAR'CA 25 km 35 eur 40 eur 45 eur 45 eur
RIBEŽ'N 40 km 40 eur 45 eur 50 eur 50 eur

* For payments from 16.08.2021 to 04.09.2021, the organizer does not guarantee the personalization of the start number and shirt.

The entry fee is settled via UNP order to the address:

Gorenjska cesta 21
1310 Ribnica
IBAN: SI56 1920 0501 2718 377


Registration is confirmed when the entry fee is paid in full. The registration fee is not refundable or carried over to the next year.

The price of the entry fee includes the start package, timing, refreshments at the refreshment stations and a meal upon arrival at the finish line. A medical service and a director’s service are also provided.



The start number will be available upon presentation of an identity document, namely:

ON FRIDAY 03.09.2021 between 18:00 and 21:00 and SATURDAY on the day of the event before Rokodelski center Ribnica.


The start for all routes is timed at 8 o’clock in Ribnica castle.

  • Each participant competes solely at his own risk, in which he must be aware of the risks of running in nature and his own physical and mental readiness, given the difficulty and distance of the competition.
  • The competition will be held in any weather. The only exceptions are situations where the safety of the participants may be at risk (extreme storm…).
    In this case, the organizer of the event decides on a backup version of the route or even cancellation.
  • The route will be well marked (tapes, plates, flags…). There will also be stewards (volunteers) at key places who will help guide the runners. All competitors must stick to the marked intended route. Any search and use of shortcuts,
    and running off course are punished by immediate disqualification.
  • The route of the competition takes place mostly in nature on mountain paths, forest trains, macadam roads, partly also on unpaved roads. To a very small extent, the route runs on asphalt roads, especially in compact settlements and when crossing main roads.
  • Competitors must follow road traffic rules on roads with public transport.
  • If the markings are markedly deficient or absent, report this to the nearest checkpoint.
  • A competitor may voluntarily withdraw from the match at checkpoints. He must immediately inform the organizer of his resignation (contact at the start number).
  • The competitor must overcome the route alone. The supply and escort of the support team is allowed only in the areas of the refreshment stations. Escorting and caring for a competitor outside the prescribed areas is prohibited.
  • Competitors must wear their starting number in a visible place throughout the race.
  • The safety of the competitors on the competition tracks will be ensured by the directors,
    controllers and the ambulance service. At any time on the track, the rescue staff, controller or director, who assesses that the competitor is no longer able to safely continue the race, may remove the competitor from the race, take appropriate care of him and, if necessary, arrange transportation to the finish area.
    If the competitor does not follow the decision of the rescue staff, controller or director,
    is immediately turned off.
  • The competitor must ensure the protection of nature. Any kind of littering and destruction of nature is prohibited. It will be possible to drop off waste at all outposts.
  • backpack or belt
  • water container (water bladder, water bottle), filled to the needs of the runner between two refreshment stations
  • personal first aid (elastic bandage, first bandage, plasters)
  • mobile phone (switched on and muted, with a full battery and with the organizer’s number entered)
  • astro foil
  • protective clothing (anorak)
  • sun protection cream
  • energy food
  • walking sticks

There will be snack bar on the entire route, which will be stocked differently depending on the distance between them. The minimum content at the snack bars includes:

Snack bars will be stocked differently depending on the distance between them. Water, tea, sports drinks, chocolate and sweet pastries, fruit (banana, apple, orange,
lemon), savory pastry, salt and sugar.



  • M35; from 18 to 35 let (from 2003 to 1986)
  • M55; from36 to 55 let (1985 to 1966)
  • M55+; over 55 year (from 1965)


  • W35; from 18 to35 year (from 2003 to 1986)
  • W55; from36 to 55 year (1985 to 1966)
  • W55+; over 55 year (from 1965)

Participants born between 2003 and 2005 can take part in the event only with the written consent of their parents or guardians and only on the routes Kuhavn’ca (12 km) and Čebular’ca (25 km).


The first three men and women on each track in each category receive practical prizes.

The first three on each course in the men’s and women’s competition absolutely receive trophies.

Special prize:

  • Ruk’n Ančko Award; for the fastest climb from the start to the church at Sv. Ana.
  • for the youngest participant in the absolute competition
  • for the oldest participant in the absolute competition

No cash prizes are awarded.


Competitors participate in the match at their own risk. The organizer does not assume responsibility for injuries or damage to the equipment. By participating in the event, the competitor agrees to all the rules and consequences that apply to the event.

By registering for the competition and paying the entry fee, the competitor confirms that he knows and is aware of all the rules of the competition, agrees with them and undertakes to respect them, and that he participates in the competition at his own risk. By registering for the competition and paying the entry fee, the competitor confirms that he is healthy and fully prepared for the competition.
He competes at his own risk and the competitor declares that in case of any damage he/she suffers in connection with the participation in this event, he/she will not sue or demand compensation from the organizer. The competitor agrees that the organizer may use personal data,
which he listed for general administrative announcements related to participation in this event and information about the event. The competitor also agrees to the publication of photos, film and video clips, interviews, etc., in the media and on the event’s website, without requiring the competitor’s special permission for this.
The organizer will use and store participants’ personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
Any non-compliance with the rules will result in disqualification of the participant.

We reserve the right to make corrections on the route due to urgent needs or force majeure. Competitors will be notified of any possible changes on our website.