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NASLOV:    Gorenjska cesta 21, 1310 RIBNICA

Instructions for competitors at this year's Ribn'ca trail 2020 event


Collection of starter packs:


– Pick-up of start packages will be possible on Friday 04.09.2020 between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM, and on Saturday 05.09.2020 (on the day of the event) between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM
-In order to pick up the start package, a completed declaration of liability is required, which is available at the following link 2020 LIMITED LIABILITY DECLARATION (mandatory for every competitor) https://ribncatrail.si/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/IZJAVA-O-OMEJENI-ODGOVORNOSTI-2020-tekmovalci.docx
Mandatory equipment to start the competition is your own pot or water bottle
Mobile phone
– Underage participants need a statement from a parent or guardian to participate in the competition
– When picking up the start packages, we ask all participants to use protective masks or face protection, and to observe the safety distance (1.5m)


The start of all three routes is in Ribnica castle. The start of individual courses will take place with a 15-minute interval, namely in the time-trial mode, which means a 5-second break between individual competitors. Each competitor has a starting number equipped with a timing chip (when crossing the starting line)
1. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the longest course in Ribež’n, 40 km, will start.
Individual competitors will start 5 seconds apart. 3 competitors will start at the same time, which will ensure a sufficient distance between them – 1.5m.

2. The start of Čebular’ce 25 km will be at 8:15 a.m. Individual competitors will start 5 seconds apart. 3 competitors will start at the same time, which will ensure a sufficient distance between them – 1.5m.

3.The start of Kuhavn’ce 12 km will be at 8:30 am. Individual competitors will start 5 seconds apart. 3 competitors will start at the same time, which will ensure a sufficient distance between them – 1.5m.
Apart from the organizer, only competitors who have their starting number in a visible place will be allowed to stay at the starting area in Ribnica castle.
The use of protective masks will be mandatory at the start venue. The entrance to the starting area will be from the Rokodelski center or Cesta na Ugar. Competitors will be directed by stewards, the direction of movement will be marked with directional poles and tapes, so that they do not move in the opposite direction at the same time.

Due to measures to prevent infections with COVID 19, the organization of the start will be slightly different.
1. COMPETITORS come to the starting zone in three separate columns.
2. Before and after entering the starting zone it is RECOMMENDED to wear NOSE and MOUTH PROTECTION, each competitor will receive a neck scarf for this purpose in the start package
In the starting zone and before entering the zone, it is RECOMMENDED to observe a SAFETY DISTANCE of 1.5 m.

Run through the main entrance over the bridge and onto Škrabčev trg in the direction of Hrovača.

On the route that leads through the center of Ribnica and in the other urban parts of the route, the competitors are obliged to follow all valid CPP, and to follow the instructions of the orderly service.
The routes will be marked with directional boards and red tapes, as well as with red marking flags.


We must emphasize that this year’s match is largely self-supporting. Due to the provisions and recommendations of NIJZ, the selection at snack bars will be limited to packaged food only. OBLIGATORY EQUIPMENT for each competitor is their own glass/bottle for pouring drinks.

THE ORGANIZATION OF REFRESHMENTS will be arranged NON-CONTACT, according to the recommendations of the ITRA organization.
Competitors will not have direct contact with the offer at the snack bar, each will receive the selected food and drink individually served by a volunteer. Each snack bar will offer: water, coca cola, isotonic drink, energy bars, salty snacks, banana, watermelon and cookies.
Refreshments will be equipped with food and drinks adapted to the length of the route.

Display of the layout of the snack bars:


The target area will be in the parking lot in front of the “old” kindergarten opposite ŠC Ribnica, Majnikova ulica 1, where the tent will be set up. Competitors will come from the direction of Gornje Lepovč along the track past the new kindergarten to the event area.
Competitors will be guided to the finish line with a timer by the general direction signs of the trail: flags and tapes, and the direction boards of the trail.
After entering the event area, the competitors will be directed to the area with directional tapes and boards, where they will receive a commemorative medal and a hot meal, which will be shared by volunteers.
It is mandatory to wear protective masks and move through the corridors in the event space, which will ensure sufficient distance between individual participants.
Spectators are prohibited from entering the venue.
As an organizer, we will follow all the recommendations of the NIJZ to prevent the spread of infection with the COVID-19 virus,
which apply to events and organized events.


Ribnica, August 2020